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8-Hour HAZWOPER Annual Refresher — December 22, 2023 (Cincinnati OH)

Product Description

The 8-Hour HAZWOPER Annual Refresher Course provides OSHA-mandated recurrent training, for employees who've received certified OSHA training for 24-Hour or 40-Hour HAZWOPER under 29 CFR 1910.120(e),(q).

HAZWOPER Refresher

Workers who attend the 8-Hour Annual Refresher Course receive: Instruction on recent changes in related regulations, class, and group safety exercises, participate in a mock dress-out and decon, health and safety procedures, personnel protection during work operations at hazardous material sites, and many other areas.

This course is suitable for workers in multiple industries including: Construction, Hazardous Waste Operations, Hazardous Materials Handling, Hazmat Operations, First Responders, Emergency Response, Fire and Fire Safety, Site Safety Officers, Site Supervisors, EHS, OSHA Training Personnel and employees working at RCRA/EPA controlled sites (i.e. Large & Small Quantity Generators & TSDS's).

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Course content and exercises are updated annually by Compliance Solutions so, your employees will always benefit from this course, no matter if it's their 1st or 21st refresher! They'll NEVER take the "same HAZWOPER Training" again!


The HAZWOPER standard applies to five distinct groups of employers and their employees. This includes employees who are exposed or may potentially be exposed to hazardous substances-- including hazardous waste--and are engaged in one of the following operations as specified by 1910.120(a)(1)(i-v) and 1926.65(a)(1)(i-v):

  • Clean-up operations-required by a governmental body, whether federal, state, local, or other involving hazardous substances-- that are conducted at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites;
  • Corrective actions involving clean-up operations at sites covered by the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976 (RCRA) as amended (42 U.S.C. 6901 et seq.);
  • Voluntary clean-up operations at sites recognized by federal, state, local, or other governmental bodies as uncontrolled hazardous waste sites;
  • Operations involving hazardous wastes that are conducted at treatment, storage, and disposal facilities regulated by Title 40 Code of Federal Regulations Parts 264 and 265 pursuant to RCRA, or by agencies under agreement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to implement RCRA regulations; and
  • Emergency response operations for releases of, or substantial threats of release of, hazardous substances regardless of the location of the hazard.

Who needs 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Training?

If you've previously received 24 or 40 Hour HAZWOPER Certification, you must complete a refresher course within 12 months of your previous graduation date. Recurrent training is required to maintain initial and refresher training.

If you're unsure about a specific situation and need more information on the HAZWOPER Refresher (or any other course we offer) just use the chat button (above) or call us for more information or with any other questions you may have! Call us at 800-711-2706

Course Topics

  • HAZWOPER Review
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Site Exercise and Review
  • Updates/News/Case Studies
  • Donning and Doffing Exercise & Review
  • 8-Hour HAZWOPER Certification Exam

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of 8 Hour HAZWOPER training, students will:

  • Understand the purpose and value of a Health and Safety Plan (HSP)
  • Know the proper course of action to take during a site emergency
  • Understand how to implement safe methods and work practice controls
  • Recognize signs, labels and placards used to alert personnel of dangers involving hazardous materials


Students must have received prior certification for initial 24 or 40-Hour HAZWOPER training and, if applicable, maintained certification through recurrent, annual HAZWOPER refresher training. If certification is not current under OSHA guidelines (i.e. completing recurrent training each successive year after initial 24-Hour or 40 Hour certification), an Initial 24 or 40-Hour HAZWOPER course should be re-taken.


Need HAZWOPER?  We've Got What You Need!

24 Hour HAZWOPER Training Online or Seminar
8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Online or Virtual Instructor-Led
16 Hour HAZWOPER Training Seminar
40 Hour HAZWOPER Training Online or Seminar
We also offer 8 Hour HAZWOEPR Refresher Training in Spanish

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is 8 Hour HAZWOPER Training?

OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Training is for students who have already completed the initial 24 Hour or 40 Hour HAZWOPER Certification. They will be required to take an 8 Hour. HAZWOPER Refresher Course annually to keep the training up to date and compliant with OSHA!

Who is required to have HAZWOPER Refresher Training?

Anyone involved with handling, disposing of, storing, or emergency response involving hazardous materials needs to receive 24 or 40 Hour HAZWOPER or Emergency Response Training. After getting the initial certification, you will be required to take refresher training annually to keep the training up to date and compliant with OSHA.

Can I take 8 Hour HAZWOPER Training Online?

The 8 hr HAZWOPER Refresher Course can be taken either online or in a classroom as long as both courses cover the training requirements under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120.

How often do I need 8 hr HAZWOPER Training?

HAZWOPER Refresher Training must be taken every year to keep certification up to date. If you miss a refresher, you will have to retake the initial training course.

How many hours of refresher training is required for 24 Hour HAZWOPER Certification?

After the initial 24 Hour HAZWOPER Certification, students will be required to receive 8 hours of refresher training annually to remain updated with OSHA training and complaint.

How many hours of refresher Training are required for 40 Hour HAZWOPER Certification?

After the initial 40 Hour HAZWOPER Certification, students will be required to receive 8 hours of refresher training annually to remain updated with OSHA training and complaint.

What does HAZWOPER stand for?

HAZWOPER is an acronym for Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.

How many levels of HAZWOPER Training are there?

There are two HAZWOPER Training levels. 40 Hour HAZWOPER- Workers responsible for cleanup operations. 24 Hour HAZWOPER Training is for Occasional site workers that aren’t involved in cleanup operations.

There are also two other courses related to HAZWOPER; the 8 Hour HAZWOPER course is the refresher course for both 24 and 40 Hour HAZWOPER and the 16 Hour Course that upgrades 24 hour certification to 40 Hour!

What OSHA standard covers HAZWOPER Refresher Training?

Any HAZWOPER Refresher Course you take must cover training requirements under OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120 to be compliant with OSHA, don’t take any course that doesn’t; it's useless!

When is HAZWOPER Training required?

HAZWOPER Training is required for anyone involved with the handling, disposal, or emergency response involving hazardous materials. This includes anyone who works at facilities where hazardous materials are stored, handled, or shipped. If you don’t deal directly with the HAZMAT, you will be able to take a shorter, less comprehensive course, the 24 Hour HAZWOPER Training.

How many hours of refresher training must an emergency responder have?

Emergency Responders at the Operations Level are required to receive eight hours of refresher training annually; if you are an emergency response technician, you will be required to get 24 hours of refresher training annually.

What is the HAZWOPER refresher grace period?

OSHA states there is no grace period unless there is no refresher course in your area within the time that you need it. If this happens, you are required to document that to prove to OSHA there was no way for you to get the training and take the next available class in the area!


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