Our Story – Compliance Solutions

Our Story

Compliance Solutions was “born” December 15, 1995, in Denver, Colorado. The idea for the company, however, was conceived many years prior. The company’s two founders, Jeff Kline and Neval Gupta launched Compliance Solutions with the sincere belief that something had to be done to lower the cost of environmental training while providing a product that protects employees AND meets their regulatory burden. In 1995 the average cost for a 40-Hour HAZWOPER course was more than $895 per student. “We knew we could provide our clients with superior customer service and training at an affordable price,” recalls Mr. Gupta.

Compliance Solutions made its debut in the environmental arena with one instructor teaching classes in four cities (Denver, Detroit, Atlanta, and Oakland). Since then, Compliance has grown to be the largest privately owned training company in the environmental industry, with more than 15,000 students attending their classes each year.

Mandated OSHA, EPA, and DOT instructor-led training is offered in more than 60 U.S. cities (12 cities weekly), with more than 30 instructors located strategically throughout the country. That is a HUGE jump from where they started in 1995! In 1998, while focusing on customer service, Compliance Solutions introduced what clients have described as the highest quality online training in the environmental industry.  “I remember back then, companies said they offered “online hazmat training,” says Jeff Kline. After we bought their course and looked at it, it was clear that their definition of “hazmat training” was much different from ours.” He continued, “Really, it was not much better than a glorified PowerPoint presentation. We knew we could do MUCH better, and so?..we did!

”Compliance Solutions’ Service Mark “putting the class back into online training” summarizes the quality of the courses offered online. With the comprehensive nature of the online content and using the “blended learning methodology, Compliance Solutions has distinguished itself from the competition. The 40-Hour HAZWOPER online course enables the student to complete 32-hours of training at their own pace online and then attend the essential 8-hour Hands-on instructor-led course.

Compliance Solutions is the only viable national blended learning provider in the environmental industry. With established training facilities and instructors all over the country, students have an opportunity to don and doff personal protective equipment, demonstrate what they have learned online through interactive problem-solving exercises, and share their experiences with fellow students. It is very easy to see why Compliance Solutions maintains a solid lead and why their training is far superior to the “glorified PowerPoint” of old.

With our customer base expanding every day (Compliance Solutions currently services more than 17,000 active clients in the U.S. alone), the original philosophy is clearly well-received. Competitors are constantly forced to re-evaluate their market and price strategies as the average cost of the 40-hour HAZWOPER drops under $600 nationwide. “We are proud to provide the very best value in the environmental training industry, whether it is online training, open enrollment seminars, or on-site at your facility,” says Mr. Gupta.

The family at Compliance Solutions would like to say, “Thank you” to our wonderful customers. Your insightful feedback keeps our content and courses accurate, up-to-date, and entertaining. We have enjoyed serving the environmental community since 1995 and look forward to meeting our customers' hazardous materials training needs for many more years!