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DOT HAZMAT Transportation Training Seminar Outline

DOT HAZMAT Transportation Training ©

Fulfills requirements for:

49 CFR 172.704 HM 181, 126F and 215 A&B

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This one-day course covers the training requirements of 49 CFR 172.704, which requires any person involved in offering a hazardous material for transportation to be properly trained. The course must be refreshed every 3 years, and employees may not perform materials functions unsupervised until the training has been completed.

The course takes a unique “ 10 step approach “ to proper hazardous materials transportation handling. Each element is explained along with examples of what to do and what not to do. All sections of the course contain hands-on exercises for each stage of preparing and shipping hazardous materials.

Who is required to have this training???

Anyone involved in selecting a package, marking a container, applying a label, preparing paperwork (e.g., Bills of Lading, Manifests, etc.), or handling a hazardous material.

Program Outline

Section 1-Opening
      A. Course Overview and Introduction

Section 2 – Training
      A. Training Requirements
           1. 49 CFR 172.704

Section 3-Classifications
      A. Hazard Classes
           1. Class 1-9
           2. Divisions
           3. ORM-D
           4. Packing Groups

Section 4-Hazardous Materials Tables
      A. 49 CFR 172.101
      B. Hazardous Substance Table
      C. Radionuclides
      D. Marine Pollutants

Section 5- Packaging
      A. Types of packaging
      B. Non-bulk packaging
      C. Bulk packaging

Section 6 – Marking
      A. Non-bulk markings
      B. Bulk Markings
      C. Cylinders

Section 7-Labeling
      A. What is a label?
      B. Types of labels
      C. Placement of labels

Section 8-Loading and Storage
      A. Loading and Storage Procedures
      B. Segregation Procedures
           1. Segregation Distances
           2. Segregation Chart
           3. Compatibility Chart

Section 9-Placarding
      A. What are placards?
      B. Placard Specifications
      C. Placarding Chart

Section 10-Shipping Documents
      A. DOT Requirements
      B. Proper descriptions
      C. NOS-Not otherwise specified
      D. Reportable quantities
      E. ORM-D 1.
           1. Continuation Sheet 8700a

Section 11-Hazardous Waste
      A. What is hazardous waste?
      B. Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest
      C. Hazardous Waste Markings
      D. Hazardous Waste Tables

Section 12-Incident Reporting
      A. National Response Center
           1. When to report.

Section 13-Emergency Response Guidebook
      A. Yellow Section
      B. Blue Section
      C. Orange Section
      D. Green Section

Section 14-Security
      A. 49 CFR 172.704 Security Requirements
      B. Personnel security
      C. Facility security
      D. En-route security
      E. Written requirements-49 CFR 172.800

Final Examination