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DOT HAZMAT Training (Instructor-Led) Course Outline

Hazardous Materials Transportation Outline

Fulfills classroom training requirements for:

49 CFR 172.704 HM 181, 126F and 215 A&B


This one day course covers the training requirements of 49 CFR 172.704 which requires any person involved in offering a hazardous material for transportation to be properly trained. The course must be refreshed every 3 years and employees may not perform materials functions unsupervised until the training has been completed. The course takes a unique “ 10 step approach “ to proper hazardous materials transportation handling. Each element is explained along with examples of what to do and what not to do. All sections of the course contain hands on exercises for each stage of preparing and shipping hazardous materials.

Who is required to have this training ??? Anyone involved in selecting a package, marking a container, applying a label, preparing paperwork (e.g. Bills of Lading, Manifests etc.) or handling a hazardous material.

Program Outline

Section 1-Opening
Course Overview and Introduction

Section 2 – Training
Training Requirements
49 CFR 172.704

Section 3-Classifications
Hazard Classes
Class 1-9
Packing Groups

Section 4-Hazardous Materials Tables
49 CFR 172.101
Hazardous Substance Table
Marine Pollutants

Section 5- Packaging
Types of packaging
Non-bulk packaging
Bulk packaging

Section 6 – Marking
Non-bulk markings
Bulk Markings

Section 7-Labeling
What is a label?
Types of labels
Placement of labels

Section 8-Loading and Storage
Loading and Storage Procedures
Segregation Procedures
Segregation Distances
Segregation Chart
Compatibility Chart

Section 9-Placarding
What are placards?
Placard Specifications
Placarding Chart

Section 10-Shipping Documents
DOT Requirements
Proper descriptions
NOS-Not otherwise specified
Reportable quantities
ORM-D 1.
Continuation Sheet 8700a

Section 11-Hazardous Waste
What is hazardous waste?
Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest
Hazardous Waste Markings
Hazardous Waste Tables

Section 12-Incident Reporting
National Response Center
When to report.
Section 13-Emergency Response Guidebook
Yellow Section
Blue Section
Orange Section
Green Section
Section 14-Security
49 CFR 172.704 Security Requirements
Personnel security
Facility security
En-route security
Written requirments-49 CFR 172.800
Final Examination