Custom, Corporate and Blended Training

Custom, Corporate and Blended Training

Competitive pressures and a number of other external factors are motivating businesses to embrace alternative work and training environments. Companies with customer bases that extend regionally, nationally, or even worldwide need to be able to respond instantly to training challenges these opportunities create. We are here to help. For more information, call 800-711-2706.

Corporate Training Programs

Compliance Solutions offers many discount structures. For larger corporate accounts, we can structure pricing in different ways depending upon the needs and quantities of the clients' commitment.

Blended Learning

Our clients are demanding flexibility in today's environment, and distance learning (internet training) offers just that. Compliance Solutions offers viable “Blended Learning” solutions. For example, our 40 hour HAZWOPER course online allows the student to take the first 32 hours online and then attend an 8 hour class at one of our facilities offered in over 60 cities.

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