COVID-19 Information

I'm attending a live instructor-led class. What can I expect? 

Thank you for choosing Compliance Solutions for your training needs. Your safety as well as the safety of our instructors is number one in our planning and thinking. With those goals in mind, on the day(s) of your training the following guidelines will be implemented for your course.

  • Face coverings: Since we follow the CDC guidelines, we will require face coverings during our classes. We will have paper masks available in the classroom. It is recommended to bring the face covering that you are most comfortable with.
  • Temperature checks: We will do temperature checks when you show up for class. If your body temperature is elevated at 100.4 degrees F, you will be turned away from the class.
  • Social Distancing: This facility was specifically chosen to provide seating that is spaced to follow the CDCs recommendation on social distancing. Please follow the instructor’s directions on seating arraignments.
  • Max gathering: We will be following local requirements for maximum student numbers in the class.
  • Symptoms: if you have coronavirus symptoms before class, you will not be allowed in the class. Please call immediately so the instructor can be notified. The phone number to call in this case is 303-307-9220.

Lastly, we take the health of all of our students seriously. If someone shows up for class with elevated body temperature or showing signs of other symptoms, that person will be refused service and turned away from the class.

Is it safe to register for an Instructor-Led (Seminar) Course?

While the majority of our training classes are being impacted by local regulations, we still have (conditions permitting) classes in some areas. We've implemented increased safeguards at these training sites to help decrease transmission of COVID-19. Increased safeguards include:

  • Limiting class sizes and enforced "social spacing" of at least 6' during all classes
  • Increased decontamination and cleaning procedures for training facility partners
  • Increased health monitoring and reporting for students and Instructors
  • A Relaxed Reschedule Policy allowing a 'no-fee transfer' to online training or any future course. 7-days advance notice is required.

Currently Enrolled Students (including Online 40 Hour HAZWOPER and Instructor-Led Classes)

If you have questions or need to reschedule due to COVID-19 contact us at 800-711-2706 . If you do so at least 7 days in advance of your start date, we will waive our normal fees.

To view or register for courses, visit our Instructor-led Training page

Note for 40 Hour HAZWOPER training:  We are still conducting Open-Enrollment training courses subject to local restrictions.

We also offer our exclusive 40 Hour HAZWOPER online which is a "blended" course ( 32 hours online & 8-Hours Hands-On). Because of the crisis, we've launched a modified 40-Hour that allows certification now with all you've come expect from Compliance Solutions. Check it out here.

Can I reschedule or cancel my seminar registration because of COVID-19?

We understand your concerns and the risks of the impending COVID-19 virus.

Compliance Solutions does not normally allow transfer from an Instructor-Led training course to online training however, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, students may reschedule to an online version of the course OR a future Instructor-Led class provided they contact us at least 7-days in advance.

To view upcoming dates, visit our Instructor-led Training page

Please understand that, if conditions are acceptable we will still conduct Instructor-Led training classes (subject to local conditions). To insure the safety of our Instructors and Students, we have implemented increased safeguards to help decrease the possibility of transmitting the COVID-19 virus. While nobody can guarantee 100% safety, we have operations and facilities in some 58 cities. Instructors and students attending open-enrollment classes can expect the following:

To reschedule from a Seminar to an online course or a future date, please contact Customer Service at 800-711-2706 Ext 1.

I was going to register for the 40 Hour HAZWOPER Seminar, but now I can't. What are my options?

If you were thinking about registering for our 40 Hour HAZWOPER Instructor-led seminar training but now have second thoughts about spending time in a training room with others, we now have an online option that enables you to receive your certificate without stepping foot into a training facility (conditions apply).

Upon completion of 40 hours of online training, your certificate is immediately sent out (course must be paid for in full), along with a 'voucher' for a free 8-hour hands-on training session (required to meet OSHA regulations) to be conducted after the crisis abates.

Until April 17th, we are offering a 10% discount on ALL online training courses! Use Code: #COVIDBEGONE at checkout

I need to finish up my online 40 Hour HAZWOPER but I can't attend a dress-out. What are my options?

In response to customer demand, we have launched a supplemental 8 Hours of online training content which qualifies existing 'online 40 Hour HAZWOPER students' to receive immediate certification (conditions apply). This option includes a 'voucher' for no-cost hands-on training (required to meet OSHA regulations) to be conducted after the crisis abates.

If you would like to take advantage of our supplemental 40 Hour HAZWOPER add on, please give us a call at 800-711-2706 to transfer (please have 32 hours of accumulated training before requesting your transfer).

What options are available to limit COVID-19 exposure?

If your company has implemented "no-travel, or work from home" restrictions because of COVID-19 or, if you are uncomfortable attending Instructor-Led training, our suite of 100+ online EH&S training courses is a perfect solution. We also offer Onsite Training classes.

If you need full-length, initial certification courses for 40, 24 and 8-Hour HAZWOPER, DOT Hazmat Transportation, H2S, and Confined Space Entry or any of the required refresher courses, we have your back.

Notice: Employers needing the 40-Hour HAZWOPER Initial Site Worker certification should be aware that OSHA has not waived their "hands-on" training requirement. In response, we've implemented a Hybrid 40-Hour HAZWOPER certification that allows online training during the COVID-19 outbreak and OSHA required Hands-On training once the risk of transmission decreases. For more information visit our Online Training page or contact your Education Consultant at: 800-711-2706

Until April 17th we are offering 10% off our entire online training catalog. Use Code: #COVIDBEGONE at checkout

Will Compliance Instructors come onsite during the outbreak?

YES! Our Instructors are experts in Health and Safety so, if you're more comfortable controlling your training environment, we have Instructors based throughout the U.S. with many in driving distance of your facility.

We train groups of 6 or more and for larger groups, we may be able to extend a discount. Visit our Onsite Training page to request a quote or give is a call.

Where can I get help/more information?

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we will maintain normal business hours. You can use any of the following to contact us:

Phone: 1-800-711-2706

Online Chat

Sales Email and Quotes

On-Site Email and Quotes

If you have not done so, we highly suggest you take a few minutes and review : COVID-19 What You Need To Know.

This is an excellent, unbiased, training course covering the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and it's completely FREE! If you still have questions, contact one of our Education Consultants at 800-711-2706. We're here to help.