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Replacement Certificate Requests


Replacement Certificate Requests

Looking for a Replacement Certificate?

Are you eligible to receive the certificate? Conditions do apply. Please read this notice:

To prevent certificate fraud and preserve our certification program's integrity, certificates are sent only to the company that paid for the training (the sponsoring employer). Requests to send certificates to any other location, be it a street address or email address, must have written authorization from the sponsoring employer.

Since OSHA requires employers to pay for or reimburse employees for all work-related training activities, our policy is such that certificates of training completion are the sponsoring employer's property; therefore, forwarding certificate copies to any other party without prior written authorization from the sponsor is not permitted.

For questions, contact us at 800-711-2706 Ext 1.

Request a Certificate for New Employment:

Do you need proof of training completion for new employment? Please download and complete a certificate release form.

You may return here to order the certificate once you have a signed digital copy of the authorization in PDF format (you can upload the authorization when filling out the form).

Completed the Authorization form? Order Your copy now!

Request Certificate for Original Employer:

Need a copy of an employee training certificate? We send all reprinted certificates (email or mail) to the sponsor company EH&S contact on file in our offices. Requests are processed within 24-Hours (Monday-Thursday).

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