2023/2024 Hazardous Materials Registration – Compliance Solutions

2023/2024 Hazardous Materials Registration

2023/2024 Hazardous Materials Registration

The hazardous materials registration is fast approaching for 2023/2024! Early registration for the 2023 period will commence on May 1st, while the official registration year starts on July 1st and runs through June 30th of the subsequent year.

Download the registration information brochure now!

To prevent processing delays and errors, PHMSA recommends refraining from submitting your registration before May 1st. Any registration submitted prior to this date will NOT be processed!

Check out some of the tips from PHMSA before registering!

  1. When renewing your registrations, please use your HM Company ID to avoid errors in typing your business name and company address. If you don’t know your HM Company ID, please contact our registration help desk for assistance.
  2. If you submitted a registration by mail or ACH, please allow up to 14 days for processing. You can also call our registration help desk after 7 days to check on the status.
  3. Please DO NOT submit a duplicate. If you are processing online payments and you do not receive your registration, contact our registration help desk for assistance.
  4. Please check to see if you have a previous registration prior to registering or call our registration help desk for assistance if you are unsure.
  5. Please check to ensure a payment was not made by someone else in your business or by a different method (ex. mailed-in check).
  6. If you feel you have made an error in the registration process – STOP!!! Call our registration help desk and let us assist you through the process.
  7. Prior to disputing payments, refunds, etc. with your bank, please consider calling the registration help desk. All financial payment issues can be resolved by the registration team, which is a quicker and more efficient process.
  8. If you cannot get through to a help desk representative, please send an email to Register@dot.gov.
  9. Please be patient with processing your registrations through our portal. Sometimes our systems are very busy, so allow time for processing. It would be best to try to re-submit on the next business day. If you are still having problems, then call our registration help desk for assistance.
  10. Only submit business contact information. The contact information that you submit during registration may be disclosed in response to requests under the freedom of information act.

Need help with registration?




202-934-1630 Businesses that begin with the letter A-M
202-934-1631 Businesses that begin with the letter N-Z

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