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OSHA Top 10 Citied Violations 2019

OSHA Top 10 Citied Violations 2019

OSHA Top 10 Citied Violations 2019 

     1.Fall Protection Construction Standard 1926.501

The Fall protection standard teaches employees the proper fall protection they should be using, plus when and how to use it!

Most Citied Sections of the Fall Protection standard include:

  1. 1926.501(b)(13) For Construction workers worker above 6 feet
  2. 1926.501(b)(1) For anyone walking/working above 6 feet
  3. 1926.501(b)(10) For employees working on roofs above 6 feet
  4. 1926.501(b)(11) For employees working on roofs above 6 feet

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     2. Hazard Communication Standard 1910.1200

The Hazard Communication ensures that the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported are evaluated, and details regarding their hazards are transmitted to employers and employees

Most Cited Sections of the Hazard Communication Standard:

  1. 1910.1200(e)(1) Employers are responsible for implementing and maintaining a hazard communication program.
  2. 1910.1200(h)(1) Employers will provide effective information and training on hazard communication
  3. 1910.1200(g)(8) Employers will keep copies of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on site.
  4. 1910.1200(f)(6) Labeling of Hazards 

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       3. Scaffolding Standard 1926.451

The Scaffolding Standard covers safety requirements for keeping workers safe when working on scaffolding.

Most cited sections:

  1. 1926.451(g)(1) Employees working on scaffolding above 10 feet must have fall protection.
  2. 1926.451(b)(1) Planking for scaffolds.
  3. 1926.451(g)(4) Guardrail systems must be properly installed following requirements.

         4. Lockout/Tagout Standard 1910.147

This Standard covers requirements on how to properly control hazardous energy when servicing and maintaining machines/equipment. 

Most Cited Sections for Lockout Tagout:

  1. 1910.147(c)(4) Energy Control procedures.
  2. 1910.147(c)(6) Inspections
  3. 1910.147(c)(7) Lockout Tagout Training & communication

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           5. Respiratory Protection Standard 1910.134

This standard covers how to use, maintain, and clean respirators properly.

Most Cited Sections of Respiratory Protection Standard:

  1. 1910.134(e)(1) Requirement to receive a medical evaluation before using a respirator.
  2. 1910.134(c)(1) Requirement to have a written respiratory protection program.
  3. 1910.134(f)(1) Tight-fitting facepiece respirators must have a Fit test done before use.

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            6. Ladders Standard 1926.1053

The Ladders Standard covers requirements for the safe use of ladders.

Most Cited Sections of Ladders Standard:

  1. 1926.1053(b)(4) Ladders should be used only for the purpose they were designed.
  2. 1926.1053(b)(13) The top step on a ladder shall not be used.
  3. 1926.1053(b)(16) Ladders with structural defects shall be marked “DO Not Use” and not be used.
  4. 1926.1053(b)(6) Ladders shall only be used on stable, level surfaces and secured when necessary.

            7. Powered Industrial Trucks Standard 1910.178

The Powered Industrial truck Standard covers the maintenance, design, and operation of powered industrial trucks.

Most Cited Sections of The Powered Industrial Truck Standard:

  1. 1910.178(l)(1) Safe operation of powered industrial trucks
  2. 1910.178(l)(4) Refresher training requirements
  3. 1910.178(l)(6) Employers shall certify that each operator has been trained.
  4. 1910.178(p)(1) Any powered industrial truck that needs to be repaired shall be taken out of service till it has been fixed.

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             8. Fall Protection Training Requirements 1926.503

The Fall protection Standard covers requirements for fall protection.

Most Cited Sections of Fall Protection Standard:

  1. 1926.503(a)(1) The employer shall provide training for each employee.
  2. 1926.503(b)(1) The Employer shall verify that the employee had training and keep a record of training.
  3. 1926.503(a)(2) The employers shall assure that each employee has been trained as necessary by a qualified, competent person.

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             9. Machine Guarding Standard 1910.212

The Machine Guarding standard covers the proper safety for guarding workers against dangerous machines. Including nip points, rotating parts, flying chips, and sparks.

Most cited sections of the Machine Guarding Standard 1910.21:
     1. 1910.212(a)(3) Point of operation guarding
     2. 1910.212(b) Anchoring requirements for machine guards
     3. 1910.212(a)(5) Exposure of blades

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              10. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 1926.102

The Personal Protective Equipment Standard (PPE) covers PPE to prevent exposure or injury on the job.

Most cited sections of the Personal protection Standard 1926.102:
     1. 1926102(a)(1) Employers shall provide proper eye or face protection.
     2. 1926.102(a)(2) Employers shall provide proper eye protection that provides side protection.
     3. 1926.102(b)(1) Protective face and eye protection must comply with standards.

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**** Note the standards in this article have been abbreviated for the full standards and more information on OSHA’s most cited violations, visit OSHA

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